We are looking for exceptional recruitment consultants to join our successful team of independent recruiters.

If you want to break away from KPI’s, dictated work schedules, restricted vacation time and small commission cheques, take a look at what Marmalade Recruitment & Resources Inc. has to offer!

A higher earning potential:
Our recruiters take home around 80% of every deal they make (more than double compared to industry standards). We believe the majority of the revenue resulting from your hard work should go back to you.

No KPI’s:
We are not going to tell you how many calls you have to make or set any other KPI targets. You’re in charge of setting your own activity goals.

Most effective recruitment tools:
Marmalade Recruiters are provided with the most innovative, effective and simple to use recruitment tools and technology in the industry, so you’ll be better connected and more efficient.

Access to a larger network:
Our recruiters combine resources so you’ll have access to a bigger network, more recruitment tools, and more referrals.

Unlimited support:
We have regular meet-ups to celebrate successes and share ideas. Our business model also encourages and rewards collaboration, so even though you’re your own boss, you won’t feel alone.

Setting their own work schedule:
Unlimited vacation time! You decide when you work and when you don't.

Cover for your days off:
Our recruiters team up and provide cover for each other when they need it, so your clients and candidates are always looked after.

Advertising & social media campaigns:
Executing effective marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness can be timely and costly. Our recruiters don't need to worry about this. We take care of this for them.

Marmalade’s expert recruiters reap the rewards that come with being self-employed without taking on the risks or dealing with the shortcomings.

How do we do this?

Marmalade Recruitment & Resources provide their Recruiters with the tools and resources they need to run a successful business, so they can concentrate on what they do best, recruiting!

There are many more benefits that come with being a Marmalade Recruiter. If you’d like to find out more contact us at

Go beyond the standard.