Job Type : Permanent
Salary : $100k
Candidate Id : 1573632
Location : Greater Vancouver
Availability : 2 Weeks

MBA, CFA, CMA designated FP&A Manager

  • MBA, CFA, CMA designated FP&A Specialist, he has over 18 years experience in financial and business analyst managerial roles within private and publicly traded international organisations.
  • Accomplishments include: Providing financial modelling and analytical support for successful business acquisitions; custom building a long-term labour cost forecasting model for labour union negotiations; Introduced a Foreign Exchange/Currency hedging program; Built an automated forecasting model which reduced the forecasting production from 5 days to 2 hours.
  • Experienced in: creating automated budgeting and forecasting models and dashboards; financial reporting and analysis; process management; KPI reporting; hedging models; M&A analysis; variance analysis reports
  • A highly intelligent, tech savvy compelling individual. He has strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Systems experience: Tableau; Power BI Desktop; MS Business Intelligence; SAP; Oracle; MS Excel (advanced)

Recruiter comments:

A highly motivated and committed person, he is passionate about creating simple and effective tools that will help a business make better-informed decisions. He has over 18 years FP&A experience and is able to provide the most advanced financial and budgeting modelling approaches using the latest BI technologies and statistically supported driver-based solutions.  He is well versed in VBA and with his experience with new BI technologies that MS Excel incorporate is able to build even faster and sophisticated models.  He has extensive hands-on experience with financial forecasting, variance analysis, financial statements modelling, Excel automation. We would highly recommend meeting him for consideration for a Managerial Analysis role within your organisation. 


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