Job Type : Permanent
Salary : $95k+
Candidate Id : 1384381
Location : Greater Vancouver
Availability : 2 Weeks

CPA, CA designated Director of Finance with a Masters in Professional Accounting

  • CPA, CA designated Director of Finance with a Masters in Professional Accounting, and Bachelors of Science, he is a well educated, astute professional.  He has over 5 years experience in managerial finance roles and has extensive operations management experience gained within in a customer service environment (PWC Corporate Advisory & Restructuring).
  •  Comprehensive and accomplished experience in financial restructurings, system and process implementations and directing accounting departments (consisting of up to 13 accounting professionals).
  •  Experienced in: strategic finance management, public trading reporting, KPI analysis and development, corporate development, quality management, IFRS conversion, US GAAP, GAAS, ITA, ASPE, staff management & leadership, asset management.
  •  A credible, accomplished professional who possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.  He is a strong leader and effective change agent.
  •  Systems experience: SAP, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Axium, Deltk, Simply Accounting, Caseware, CAATs, SEDAR, Ms Office (advanced Excel)


Recruiters comments:

He is an accomplished and experienced senior finance manager who has extensive experience leading departments and companies through restructures and system and process developments. He comes across as a compelling, innovative leader, who is easy to work with, approachable and an energising team member.  He has excellent references. 

He was headhunted by a C-Suite member at an engineering company he is currently working for when he resigned from the manufacturing company he was working for (the company was going to close). He is looking for a new Director of Finance position now as his company is, unfortunately, making cutbacks and he has been informed his position will be made redundant in the near future. 


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