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Contingency Search Explained

At Marmalade Recruitment, we specialize in the Accounting & Finance, Administrative, and HR recruitment, utilizing a contingency search structure across our services.  This approach is applied to temp and contract staffing, temp-to-perm positions, and junior-to-mid-level permanent placements.  Our recruitment model is designed to be low-risk for our clients, with fees incurred only upon the successful placement of a candidate. 

Additionally, our placement guarantee goes beyond industry standards by covering not just permanent positions but also fixed-term contracts and temporary staffing placements.  If you’re not satisfied with the candidate we have placed, we offer the option of a complimentary replacement or your money back.

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Our Contingency Search Process

Job Requisition
If you’re an organization looking to fill a position, the first step is to contact us with the job description and requirements of the role. We’ll have an initial consultation with you to understand your organization, culture, and goals, and to discuss the job description and any other details that are important to you.
Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we’ll begin to source candidates for the role. We use a variety of channels to source talent, including our own talent database, job adverts, career sites, referrals, headhunting, and social media.
After sourcing a pool of candidates, we’ll conduct pre-screen calls and videos, live interviews, and skills and pre-employment assessments to determine which candidates are a good fit for the role. We’ll also check candidate references to ensure that they have the required experience and qualifications.
Once we have screened the candidates, we’ll present the best candidates to you. We’ll provide a video introduction clip of the candidates, along with detailed profile resumes, assessment results, and references. You’ll have a chance to review the candidates and determine which ones you’d like to interview.
If you’ve selected a candidate to hire, we’ll present the offer and negotiate contracts on your behalf. We’ll also help with the necessary preparations, such as background checks, and assist with the onboarding process.

Once the candidate has started working, we’ll maintain regular check-ins with both you and the candidate to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the placement. We’ll also offer ongoing support and advice to ensure a smooth transition for the candidate into the role.

It’s worth noting that we issue an invoice to the client for our services only once the successful candidate starts the position on their first day of the job. Our candidates are never charged for our services, and we receive consent from them at every step to protect confidentiality and keep them in the loop.

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Our Placement Guarantee

Our placement guarantee goes beyond the standard in the industry, covering not only permanent placements but all positions, including fixed-term contracts and temporary staffing.

We offer two options: a complimentary replacement or your money back.

We are committed to matching the right jobseekers with the perfect job, and we back this commitment with our unparalleled placement guarantee.

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.



Frequently Asked Questions


What type of positions can be filled using contingency search?

Contingency search is appropriate for all types of positions, including temporary, contract, and permanent roles. However, it is most commonly used for positions up to the c-suite and executive level.

Do you charge a fee if we decide not to hire any candidates presented through contingency search?

In contingency search, we only charge our clients once one of our candidates begins working with them. Therefore, if you initiate a search for a potential hire but ultimately decide not to hire any of our candidates, you will not be charged.
Do you only look at actively looking candidates for a contingency search, or passive as well?

Which is a better option for our search for a senior level executive - contingency search or retainer search?

Both contingency search and retainer search can be effective for finding a senior level executive, but the right option depends on your specific needs and preferences. Contingency search is typically used for filling roles up to c-suite and executive level and is a no-win-no-fee service, meaning that you only pay for our services once a candidate starts working with you. However, with retainer search, there is a contractual agreement between us and the client, outlining deliverables and payment, which provides more security and comfort in receiving results.
Ultimately, we can discuss both options with you and determine which approach best suits your hiring needs and budget.

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