Temp To Perm

Temp to Perm

Smooth Transition

Temp-to-Perm Placements: The Perfect Balance of Flexibility and Commitment

Swiftly convert temporary staff into permanent hires with our seamless service.

The Best of Both Worlds

Why Temp-to-Perm?

Enjoy the benefits of top talent and the flexibility to evaluate their performance before making a long-term commitment.

Financial Advantages

Discounts on Permanent Hire Fees

Transition your temporary worker to full-time and enjoy a discount on the permanent hire fee.

Personalized Approach

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

We ensure a seamless transition from temporary to permanent employment with our personalized and attentive approach.

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles

Know Your Candidate

Benefit from our comprehensive profile packages, providing clear insights into each candidate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Placement Guarantee on All Our Jobs

We offer a placement guarantee on all our placements, including temp-to-perm placements. This ensures that every client experiences the utmost confidence in our services.  We stand behind our promise to deliver the right match.  If a placement doesn’t match your expectations, we offer a choice of a complimentary replacement or your money back.

Trust in our dedication to your satisfaction with every hire.

Partners Greeting Each Other Symbolizing Marmalade Recruitments Dedication to Fostering Long term Professional Relationships Through Our Temp to Perm Services in Vancouvers Job Market

Advantages to hiring Temp to Perm / Contract to Perm Workers

Increased Retention

Temp to perm employees often have higher retention rates, as they have had time to assess their fit with the company and are more likely to commit to a permanent position.

Cost Savings

Hiring on a Temp to perm basis can result in cost savings by reducing turnover since both employer and candidate can evaluate their fit before committing to a permanent hire

Improved Productivity

Temporary employees are often highly motivated to make a good impression and can provide a fresh perspectives and ideas to help improve processes and increase efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

Temp to perm allows you to minimize the risk of a bad hire by giving you the opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s performance before offering a full-time position.

Seamless Transition

If you choose to convert the employee to a full-time hire, there will be a seamless transition, as they will already be familiar with the company culture and operations.


Employers can adjust their workforce to meet fluctuating demand and can easily terminate a temporary contract if the workload decreases.

Faster Onboarding

Temporary employees are often able to start working immediately, reducing the time it takes to fill a position and allowing the employer to meet pressing business needs.

Reduced Legal Liability

Because temporary employees are not permanent employees, the employer is not liable for certain legal obligations, such as providing notice of termination or paying severance.

Areas of Expertise & Services

Accounting & Finance
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Administration & HR
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Executive Search

Unlock your team’s full potential with our specialized Executive Search services – let us find the best executive talent to take your organization to the next level!

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Payroll Services

Expand your workforce but not your headcount. Let us handle the complexities of payroll processing so you can focus on growing your business.

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Finding Your Perfect Match

After we have confirmed a candidate’s interest and willingness to be presented to you for your
job opening, you will receive

Video introduction clip

This brief video clip provides you with the opportunity to virtually meet our candidates and enables them to demonstrate their skills, attributes, and abilities beyond what is presented on their resumes.


Compiled by the candidate

Detailed Profile

We create the candidate profile which describes the candidate’s professional history, successes, technical abilities, personality traits, career objectives, salary expectations, reasons for seeking your job, and any other relevant information.

Pre-employment assessment results

We will provide you with pre-employment assessment results, allowing you to gain additional insights into our candidates’ capabilities


A minimum of two references, to verify their career history, accomplishments, and personal traits.

Our Placement Guarantee

We provide the best placement guarantee in the industry, offering a placement guarantee on our temporary staffing and temp-to-perm positions.

Need to hire a top-performing employee?

Schedule a call with one of our expert consultants today to see how we can assist you in securing your next superstar hire.

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